Accept your invitation to the STAT540 organization

If you did the survey, you should have gotten an email that you have been invited to the STAT540 GitHub organization and that you have a personal repository created for you. That repository is where you’ll put all your work and do submission by opening issues in it.

If you somehow didn’t get the email, you can also go to the organization webpage: There should be a button somewhere that says something like “Accept invitation”.

You should see three repos in that page:

You can now start by putting your work for the warm-up assignment in the repo.

If you didn’t complete the survey, please send one of the TAs an email or let us know during the seminars.


Please complete this survey as soon as you see this post so we can set up a repo for you! :)

Seminar 0

Important: Please read and follow through the seminar 0 materials on the seminars page as much as possible before Wednesday, January 3, to ensure a productive seminar session. Please also install R and R-studio if you haven’t done so.