Class meetings and schedule

Time : Mon Wed 9:30 - 11am

Location : Online - Meeting links and recordings posted in Canvas

Supplemental Files: Source files for lectures created using Rmarkdown can be found here

Date Topic Instructor Mode
Jan-11 Mon lecture-1: Course intro; Molecular Biology primer Keegan Synchronous
Jan-13 Wed lecture-2: High-dimensional biology intro: RNA, DNA, methylation, ChiP-Seq Keegan Asynchronous
Jan-18 Mon lecture-3: Exploratory data analysis, QC [html] Keegan Synchronous
Jan-20 Wed lecture-4: Stats Philosophy & Math/stat background [html] Sarah Merrill Synchronous
Jan-25 Mon lecture-5: Statistical Inference - two groups [html] Keegan Synchronous
Jan-27 Wed lecture-6: Statistical Inference - linear regression and ANOVA [html] Keegan Asynchronous
Feb-01 Mon lecture-7: Statistical Inference - multiple linear regression [html] Keegan Synchronous
Feb-03 Wed lecture-8: Statistical Inference - continuous model + limma [html] Keegan Asynchronous
Feb-08 Mon lecture-9: Statistical inference - multiple testing [html] Keegan Synchronous
Feb-10 Wed lecture-10: Confounding and batch effects Keegan Asynchronous
Feb-15 Mon Family day (no class)
Feb-17 Wed Reading break (no class)
Feb-22 Mon lecture-11: Application of statistical inference to RNA-seq I [html] Keegan Synchronous
Feb-24 Wed lecture-12: Application of statistical inference to RNA-seq II [html] Keegan Asynchronous
Mar-01 Mon lecture-13: Principal Component Analysis (PCA) [html] Keegan Synchronous
Mar-03 Wed lecture-14: Cluster Analysis [html] Keegan Asynchronous
Mar-08 Mon lecture-15: Single cell RNA-seq Yongjin Park Synchronous
Mar-10 Wed lecture-16: Supervised Learning I: Regression and Classification [html] Keegan Asynchronous
Mar-15 Mon lecture-17: Gene set analysis Paul Pavlidis Synchronous
Mar-17 Wed lecture-18: Gene networks and function prediction Paul Pavlidis Synchronous
Mar-22 Mon lecture-19: Supervised Learning II: Cross Validation and Regularization [html] Keegan Synchronous
Mar-24 Wed lecture-20: Genetics and Genome-Wide Association Studies Keegan Asynchronous
Mar-29 Mon lecture-21: Causal inference in genomics Yongjin Park Synchronous
Mar-31 Wed lecture-22: Polygenic risk scores and PWAS Jessica Dennis Synchronous
Apr-05 Mon Easter Monday (no class)
Apr-07 Wed Final Project Presentations Synchronous
Apr-12 Mon Final Project Presentations Synchronous
Apr-14 Wed Final Project Presentations Synchronous