Class mettings and schedule

Time : Mon Wed 9:30 - 11am

Location : ESB 2012

date notes instructor
Jan-03 Wed lecture-1: Course intro PP
Jan-08 Mon lecture-2: Molecular Biology methods intro: RNA, DNA, methylation, ChiP-Seq PP
Jan-10 Wed lecture-3: Exploratory data analysis, QC PP
Jan-15 Mon lecture-4: Stats Philosophy & Math/stat background SM
Jan-17 Wed lecture-5: Statistical Inference - two groups SM
Jan-17 Wed Warm up assignmnent due NA
Jan-22 Mon lecture-6: Statistical Inference - linear regression and ANOVA SM
Jan-24 Wed lecture-7: Statistical inference - linear models (more than two groups, and interaction testing) SM
Jan-24 Wed form groups and finish initial project proposals NA
Jan-29 Mon lecture-8: Statistical inference - multiple testing & non-parametric SM
Jan-31 Wed lecture-9: Batch effects, resampling, and non-parametric tests SM
Feb-05 Mon lecture-10: Application of statistical inference to RNA-seq I PP
Feb-07 Wed lecture-11: Application of statistical inference to RNA-seq II PP
Feb-12 Mon No class; Family Day NA
Feb-14 Wed lecture-12: Machine Learning Intro: Unsupervised learning (PCA + Clustering) SM
Feb-14 Wed Final project proposal due NA
Feb-19 Mon Midterm Break NA
Feb-21 Wed Midterm Break NA
Feb-22 Thurs Paper Critique Due NA
Feb-26 Mon lecture-13: Supervised learning I GFC (for SM)
Feb-28 Wed lecture-14: Supervised learning II SM
Mar-01 Thurs Part 1 of assignment due NA
Mar-05 Mon lecture-15: Genome analysis and variant prioritization Wyeth Wasserman
Mar-07 Wed lecture-16: GWAS SM
Mar-12 Mon lecture-17: xQTL analysis SM
Mar-14 Wed lecture-18: Cellular heterogeneity SM
Mar-14 Wed Project progress report due NA
Mar-19 Mon lecture-19: Co-expression networks and gene function prediction PP
Mar-21 Wed lecture-20: Gene function prediction PP
Mar-22 Thurs Part 2 of assignment due NA
Mar-26 Mon lecture-21: Mendelian Randomization and Causality GFC
Mar-28 Wed lecture-22: Multi-omic analysis SM
Apr-02 Mon Family Day NA
Apr-05 Wed Poster session NA