Class mettings and schedule

Time : Mon Wed 9:30 - 11am

Location : ESB 4192

date notes instructor
Jan-04 Wed lecture-1: Intro to course PP
Jan-09 Mon lecture-2: Review of probability & inference PP
Jan-11 Wed lecture-3: Review of probability & inference PP
Jan-16 Mon lecture-4: Exploratory data analysis AS
Jan-18 Wed lecture-5: Data QC and preprocessing AS
Jan-23 Mon lecture-6: Statistical inference: two group comparisons RB
Jan-25 Wed lecture-7: Statistical inference: more than two groups RB
Jan-25 Fri form groups and finish initial project proposals NA
Jan-30 Mon lecture-8: Statistical inference: linear models RB
Feb-01 Wed lecture-9: Statistical inference: linear models RB
Feb-06 Mon lecture-10: Statistical inference: large scale, limma, empirical bayes AS
Feb-08 Wed lecture-11: Statistical inference: multiple testing AS
Feb-13 Mon No class; Family Day NA
Feb-15 Wed lecture-12: RNA-Seq data analysis I PP
Feb-15 Wed Final project proposal due NA
Feb-20 Mon Midterm Break NA
Feb-22 Wed Midterm Break NA
Feb-22 Wed Paper Critique 1 Due NA
Feb-27 Mon lecture-13: RNA-Seq data analysis II PP
Mar-01 Wed lecture-14: PCA PP
Mar-06 Mon lecture-15: Guest Lecture Dr. Meaghan Jones
Mar-08 Wed lecture-16: Clustering AS
Mar-13 Mon lecture-17: Classification AS
Mar-15 Wed lecture-18: Cross validation AS
Mar-15 Wed Project progress report due NA
Mar-20 Mon lecture-19: Regularization AS
Mar-22 Wed lecture-20: Resampling and bootstrap AS
Mar-27 Mon lecture-21: Analysis of gene function I PP
Mar-29 Wed lecture-22: Analysis of gene function II PP
Apr-03 Mon lecture-23: Guest lecture Dr. Sohrab Shah
Apr-05 Wed Poster session NA