Time: Wednesday 12 - 1pm

Location: Online - Meeting links and recordings posted in Canvas

We strongly recommend reading the seminar materials prior to attending each seminar

Date Rmd file (md) Topic Instructor Mode
Jan-13 Wed seminar-1 (md) Introduction to version control, Git, GitHub Jenkin Synchronous
Jan-20 Wed seminar-2a Introduction to Markdown, Knitr Marco Synchronous
Jan-20 Wed seminar-2b (md) R graphics – Intro to ggplot2 Jenkin Synchronous
Jan-27 Wed seminar-3 (md) Getting your hands dirty with R – simulate data and do some statistics Marco Synchronous
Feb-03 Wed seminar-4 (md) Load and analyze some gene expression data – data aggregation with dplyr Jenkin Synchronous
Feb-10 Wed seminar-5 (md) Two group testing, fitting and interpreting linear models Marco Synchronous
Feb-17 Wed No Seminar Reading break (no class)
Feb-24 Wed seminar-6 (md) RNA-seq: from beginning to end – BAM to count data Marco Synchronous
Mar-03 Wed seminar-7 (md) Dimensionality reduction and data visualization – clustering, PCA, t-sne Sina Synchronous
Mar-10 Wed No Seminar Visit office hours for group project advice
Mar-17 Wed seminar-8 (md) Methylation microarray analysis Sina Synchronous
Mar-24 Wed seminar-9 (md) eQTL (or mQTL) analysis – finding cis variants per gene, testing for association Sina Synchronous
Mar-31 Wed seminar-10 (md) Gene set enrichment analysis for methylation and gene expression data Sina Synchronous
Apr-07 Wed seminar-11 (md) Supervised learning, cross-validation, variable selection Jenkin Synchronous

Supplemental materials