Time: Wed 11am - 1pm

Location: ESB 1042 and 1046

date lect raw_notes instructor
Jan-04 Wed seminar-1a 11am-12:30pm: Getting ready to use GitHub in STAT540, borrowed from STAT545A AS
Jan-04 Wed seminar-1b 11am-12:30pm: Git(hub) Intro & Exploring a small gene expression dataset AS
Jan-04 Wed seminar-1c (Extra) Molecular biology/genetics 101 from 2015 NA
Jan-04 Wed seminar-1d (Extra) Molecular biology/genetics 101 from 2016 NA
Jan-04 Wed seminar-1e 12:30pm-1pm: Molecular biology/genetics presentation AS
Jan-11 Wed seminar-2a Markdown AS
Jan-11 Wed seminar-2b Probability and simulations (part I) AS
Jan-11 Wed seminar-2c Probability and simulations (part II) AS
Jan-18 Wed seminar-3a Knitr, Rmarkdown, and GitHub review TBA
Jan-18 Wed seminar-3b R graphics - ggplot2 TBA
Jan-18 Wed seminar-3c R graphics - lattice TBA
Jan-25 Wed seminar-4a Two group testing and data aggregation TBA
Jan-25 Wed seminar-4b Introduction to data aggregation - dplyr version TBA
Feb-01 Wed seminar-5 Fitting and interpretting linear models (low volume) TBA
Feb-08 Wed seminar-6 Fitting and interpretting linear models (high volume), limma package TBA
Feb-15 Wed seminar-7a (optional) From BAM file to count data TBA
Feb-15 Wed seminar-7b RNA-Seq analysis TBA
Mar-01 Wed seminar-8 Methylation analysis TBA
Mar-08 Wed seminar-9 Clustering and PCA TBA
Mar-15 Wed seminar-10 Supervised learning, cross validation, variable selection TBA
Mar-22 Wed seminar-11 TA office hours during seminar time … group project work TBA
Mar-29 Wed seminar-12 TA office hours during seminar time … group project work TBA

Supplemental materials

Work on your own to set up and learn more about R and RStudio. We will borrow some material from STAT 545A Exploratory Analysis (by Professor Jenny Bryan).